The future is FTTx

In future all property developments - residential and business - will have fiber-based connectivity pre-installed. Like water, gas and electricity, an internet connection has become a basic need.

What we do

Celerity Networks designs, builds, and operates open-access FTTx-as-a-utility networks that connect tenants/residents to multiple ISPs through a services bazaar.
"FTTx-as-a-utility delivers reliable ultrafast broadband connectivity that underpins the fourth industrial revolution."
Each home connected to our network is capable of 10Gbps today!

Contact details

Add: Suite B3 Block B, Carlswald Close Office Park 137 Seventh Road Carlswald, Midrand
Tel.: +27 11 056 5118
*Please note that our website is currently undergoing maintenance and will be back online soon. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time.